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Effects of Tanning Beds

Tanning is a body reaction to ultraviolet radiation, typically of two types UVA and UVB. Both these types of radiation have been associated with side effects of tanning beds where the incidence of over exposure has occurred. The effect of tanning beds that worked on UVB radiation have been well documented, with skin burning being observed frequently. This phenomenon caused manufacturers to shift to UVA-type operation where the effect of tanning beds based on this technology was perceived to be low. However, over-exposure to UVA radiation has been suspected to initiate immune system destabilization. Popular knowledge tells us that over-exposure to the sun’s radiation leads to skin cancer. So sun screens are a must for protection, even in artificial tanning to negate any adverse effect of the tanning bed.

In a way, answering the question “Are tanning beds good for us” is analogous to answering the question “Are French fries good for us”. Puzzled? When you have French fries in the right amount, it’s a great in-between mealtime snack, but when you get consistent overdoses of it, you can be assured of the road to obesity. And so is the effect of tanning beds too! Take all steps to ensure that you are safe on the tanning bed. Do your research, ferret the internet and speak to your doctor if it means so much to reassure yourself.

Treat the tanning bed with respect and you will be rewarded with what can only be called ethereal beauty. Have a safe and enjoyable tanning time!!